Speech Topics



Chris Olsen will show you how to bring your landscape to life, thrill all your senses, and make optimum use of every square foot of space. It's all about utilizing the unexpected and creating a more personal take on your surroundings, and it's quite easy. He'll help you design with a fresh eye, and show you how to create easy, yet eye-popping display. By using the plant and hardscape material readily available, but doing so in an unexpected way, you can breathe new life into your landscape, and have a great time doing it. Chris will show you that joy—and cool, personalized expression--is as integral a part of the design process as color choice, or seating areas. You'll find out how to create the right design for your area, what factors to include in your plan, and how to go about making your design the talk of the neighborhood.


Chris Olsen will show you how to create intimate yet accessible spaces out of existing places in your landscape. You'll see just how easy it is to create a personal oasis out of an otherwise mundane and boring entrance, underused corner or back yard; one that can beckon and thrill, all with just a little bit of work, and a lot of personal expression. He'll show you how to find the right area to infuse with new energy, how to assemble all the parts of your design, and how to effortlessly carry it out, so your newly rehabbed area is neither stuffy nor expected. Really good landscape design is more than just plant material and stone choices. It also includes making use of areas where we can contemplate, as well as congregate. All you have to do is know where to look. Chris will show you how to trust your design eye once you find it.


Revitalize your home for the holidays by looking at each surface, each area and asking if it would benefit from an infusion of color and holiday cheer. You can create your own "winter wonderland" by blending Chris's step-by-step instructions and fun ideas with your own. Allow yourself to move out side of the box and let your imagination, along with Chris' help, make your home warm, fun, and never typical this Christmas season.


Chris delivers powerful key points that will grow your business. Be prepared to face some of the ways you conduct your business. Whether your ways are right or wrong, Chris will share with the audience life experiences that have increased his "knowing" levels. The end result is that these valuable lessons have resulted in a more profitable bottom line. Remember bigger is not always better. You can stay home for free! You will laugh, you will be challenged, and you will leave inspired.


When designing your home and landscape, don't be shy and reserved. You can be bold, loud, and creative, yet follow sound design principles. Learn how to combine those principles that Chris will lay out for you, along with your own design elements, to create the perfect retreat. Challenge yourself to expand your horizons, and do something different from the designs of your friends and neighbors. Surprise yourself, even. Dare to be different, and make your home and garden the envy of your neighborhood by using the ideas Chris will share with you.


Let Chris show you how to mix what you already have in new ways, and bring in only a few choice new elements, so you don't break the decorating bank. You can turn dusty and forgotten pieces--things you'd forgotten you owned, even—into charming, and engaging personal statements. And do it all through the use of 'jhemajang.' And what is that word, you ask? It's Chris's trademarked verb that means 'the mixing up and arranging of different elements, both garden and unrelated, old and new, in a funky way that brings the pieces together in a whole new light.' You can clean out that dusty corner of garage or attic, and find forgotten pieces you can jhemajang together to create an eye-catching display. Chris will show you several possibilities and many combinations that will give you the impetus and encouragement to beautify your home and landscape.



Injecting new color, or combining colors in new ways, is the easiest method to create instant joy in your surroundings. You can expand your color palette, add vibrancy to your home and garden, and escape the color rut we often find ourselves in by going outside your normal choices. Color is impulsive, primitive, advancing, positive, and just plain refreshing. Chris is renowned for his use of this element in landscape, and will show you how to add color using three sources: annuals, perennials, and brilliant foliage plants. Color is the one tool you can always use to express yourself, and he'll share some tips with you to help you 'color outside the lines.


One of the great advantages of houseplants is how good they make your home look. Indoor plants are great decorator pieces. Remember how you carefully matched your paint and wallpaper to your window coverings and other décor? Go a step further and decorate with houseplants. Don't limit yourself to just the inside. Tropical plants can make your garden or patio, sun or shade, into a resort paradise. Tropical gardening is all to often associated with expense and poor results. But choose your plants wisely and you can turn your patch into a slice of verdant jungle. Chris will show you how to use houseplants/tropical plants as visual stimulation to make your home fabulous inside and outside.


Most of us lead stressful lives these days, further compounded by our reliance on technology and social media. For those reasons, a quiet time in your home and garden has become even more important. Your home is your retreat. You deserve a sanctuary that makes you feel alive, fulfills a desire to escape outside worries, and is a stress-free zone. However, because of our revved-up lives, we don't always know how to stop and create our own personalized comfort, in either the home or garden. Never fear: Chris will motivate you to expand your horizons and will wipe away any self-doubt you may have about creating your own space. With his humor, energetic personality, and knowledge, Chris demonstrates how you can make small reinventions by sharing unique and stylish ideas so your home and landscape will be a thrilling, yet soothing and inviting place, in any season.