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Chris H. Olsen's Wine Bottle Wall

We have gotten a ton of requests thru Chris's Blogs and Facebook for the instructions on our unique Wine Bottle Wall. We want to share with you!

Wine Bottle Wall Instructions:

1) You'll need four six-foot pieces of treated lumber, eight to 10 (steel) rods six feet, six inches in length; 84 wine bottles per wall; and a glass drill bit and a special solution that must be used when drilling the bottles. (the cost of this bit is approx $600 for the Commercial Version. The Commercial Version does a lot better job - but a cheaper alternative called a Diamond Bit at a local hardware store can get the job done. The special glass cutting solution can be purchased at a local hardward store as well. It is thicker than water and keeps the glass from getting overly hot).

2) It will take an afternoon/day to measure, drill, nail the frame and thread the bottles.

3) have a friend on hand to help place the structure in a secure garden area, You can either place the posts on stations that are able to hold the wall, ensuring that you use a secure structure or you can encase the wall in the ground by starting with a hole that is 3 feet deep,using quickcrete to secure.





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