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Enjoy Chris Olsen's Todays THV segment titled "Todays Home" on KTHV during the Friday 5pm Newscast and again during the Saturday Morning Show. Visit the Today's Home page here.  


May 4th, 2012 - Synthetic grass is a great alternative

Arkansas summers do not lend themselves to outdoor chores like mowing the lawn. Sometimes the scorching sun makes keeping a lawn green an impossible task.

But, there's a great alternative to all the mowing and watering.

If you want green grass and you want to be the envy of your neighborhood but for some reason you can't get it to grow, here is a solution for you. This is Synthetic Grass. Now Jeremy since you install this, why would you do Synthetic Grass? Jeremy says, "Well that is a great question. You don't have all the problems that you have with real grass - such as pesticides, maintenance - in the summer the grass dies - and you know how big an industry it is just maintaining grass."

Low maintenance is what it is all about. Let's say you have a playground. What do you do just put the grass on top of the ground? Jeremy says, "No actually what you do is you do a little bit of excavation, put some gravel down - spread that and put a foam pad which is either this thickness or this thickness here depending on the fall height. This is concussion proof. Then once you lay the grass that is the playground. It actually replaces all the old stuff like the poured in place rubber and the pea gravel and the mulch."

That's great, so this is great for kids and they don't get dirty. And if you have like a dog pen I guess you can put gravel underneath it so the urine and that type of stuff just washed on through. Jeremy says, "Correct and we actually try to spend a little more time watching the direction that the water goes so that we can actually make it run to a certain way - then when it rains it washes it and you also have the luxury of being able to come in and pressure wash it."

That's why you hire an expert and that is what you do, you install Synthetic Grasses and where can they get this from? Jeremy says, "They can find us at"

There you go, you can have a lush lawn all year long!


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