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Today's THV

Enjoy Chris Olsen's Todays THV segment titled "Todays Home" on KTHV during the Friday 5pm Newscast and again during the Saturday Morning Show. Visit the Today's Home page here.  


April 6th, 2012 - Two great looks for your yard

Alright what if you have a small area of your yard? Sometimes small areas are neglected because we don't know what to do with them. Sometimes we even have a huge yard but we can't afford to do the whole yard. Maybe just do a little smaller area of your big yard and create an outdoor room. I've got two looks for you.

First of all this look is relatively simple. It's just natural rock that created some retaining walls. A pathway with cut stone and I love cut stone. Pea gravel, stone benches and your focal point is this birdbath full of water and little peacock moss plants. Then, there is even a piece of outdoor art in the backdrop, which is great as a focal point.

But what if you need something maybe to entertain more with? Maybe to eat outdoors? Look at this great wood pergola; it's actually a great design and the table is suspended from the wood. You can sit here at these comfortable benches, which are designed to go around it. It can be a planter box, a planter box and a dining room table - all in one!

Don't limit yourself when it comes to building a pergola. You just don't have to do that typical square. Be unique and be different like they did here. It has all these different angles and I love it and it has all these different layers. It's a simple look and not as complicated as you would think.

Where do you get these ideas? Well of course visit your local home and garden show. Not only will you see different things that you can do yourself but if you can't do it, they will be more than happy to help you. It's a great place to meet your contractor's personally and interview them before you even hire them.


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