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Today's THV

Enjoy Chris Olsen's Todays THV segment titled "Todays Home" on KTHV during the Friday 5pm Newscast and again during the Saturday Morning Show. Visit the Today's Home page here.  


February 17th, 2012 - Creating a great water feature

The sound of flowing water is very soothing to some. It can be relaxing or calming. In Today's Home with Chris Olsen, he has some tips for creating your own outdoor water feature.

Listen to that sound, that soft sound of a babbling brook. A lot of us want a water feature, but we don't necessarily want that big raging waterfall with that high maintenance pond. Instead, what if you had a pond-less water feature?

Now this stream is great because we are taking advantage of the land. The layout of the land is we have a gentle slope. What used to be lawn here is no longer because the trees grew bigger in time and we didn't want to sacrifice our trees.

So what we decided to do was create a babbling brook with which recirculates 24 hours a day, only three weeks a year is this brook turned off and that's because we have all the fallen leaves. Then we clean it out and turn it back on.

What is great about this is not only does it solve some drainage issues but it always flows with that gentle ever-so-soft sound. You know when rains and you have like a dry creek bed and then suddenly it fills up with water and you hear that sound, I love that sound. It's soothing but not over powering and really sounds rather natural.

This pump pumps 10,000 gallons per hours to give us this flow. You probably only have to pay about $25 per month if you keep it on 24 hours a day, so not too bad. Then you plant an assortment of ground covers, let your moss grow on your rock. Hide all of your vinyl liner and you have that natural look which looks like Mother Nature created it herself. You know what, since it sounds so good, I think I'm just gonna take a nap.

I'm Chris Olsen for Today's Home.

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