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September 26th, 2012

Pumpkin Terrariums
Most of us are all familiar with planted terrariums but have you ever heard or seen a pumpkin terrarium? All you have to do is take a large glass terrarium or for that matter, a small fish tank and even a large glass clear bowl, and layer it with one layer of green sheet moss, then a layer of gourds or small boo pumpkins and then another layer of moss and so on. Be creative and try not to make each layer level but instead create valleys and hills with each level. You can even add other elements such as an old small branch or two for more drama and texture.

Haunting Potion Bottles
Make your coffee table, console table, or any surface a little more haunting with a tray of custom made potion bottles. All you have to do is find an assortment of different clear glass bottles and then simply pour into each bottle black acrylic paint. Swirl the paint around until the entire inside is the color black. Pour out the excess paint. If you are going to use the potion bottles for food or cut flowers, then just spray paint the outside of the glass bottle or jar with black spray paint. Create your own labels with construction paper in different colors and write with different color markers. You can also make your own labels on the computer and let your imagination go crazy. The scarier the label the better. Now take those haunting bottles and display them on a try and add other elements such at artificial black roses, etc..

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